Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mrsdumpling Giveaway!

click here to enter:

Prize includes a Be Creation Sheet Mask, The Body Shop Blush in Blushing Daisies, a Revlon ColorStay Lipcolor in 180 Lingering Violet, a ELF individual lash kit, and a elf natural lash kit.

So here are the rules:
1. You must have a valid account on blogger.
2. You must be a follower.
3. Leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite "ice cream flavor" <--yummy!! 4. Double your chances by leaving a link to a post in your blog about this giveaway. This is open internationally and this contest will end September 5, 2009. There has to be at least 3 entries for this contest to take place.

May's Beauty and Daily Obsession Reached 50 follower Contest

The winner will get:-P&J Whitening Serum-Majolook eyeshadow palette (sorrie, don't know the name of the color)-5 Dermal sheet masks-1 Innisfree apple yogurt pack-1 Eki's flower clip-some samples

Click here for her link:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Amore Vintage's Giveaway!!!

Amore Vintage's Giveaway!

She's having a giveaway too.. check it out!
Here's my favorite out of her collection:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

AMY NAREE 50+ Giveaway!


So here is my very first Giveaway called "Date Night Kit". It includes:- 1 BNIB of Silk Whitia QUICK MOISTURE Sporalygodll Whitening Slimy Mask 5 piece*Use this before going out to get a nice glowy radiant complexion*- 1 BNIB Coffret D'or Star Dazzling Eyeliner DB-03 (Dark Blue Gitter)*This eyeliner is gorgeous, it will give that hint of glam that you need (I love it so much I have one for myself as well)- 1 BNIB Paul & Joe Duo Mascara in Blue*Blue mascara makes the eyes pop and makes the white of your eyes appear whiter. This mascara has a brush end and comb end.- 1 BN Revlon Lip Gloss in Toast of the Town*This beige/golden lip gloss goes well on top of any lipstick and has just the right about of shimmer to look classy and not trashy, it also compliments the Coffret D'or eyeliner very well.- 3 BNIB False Eyelashes*For those of you who want to look extra special I included 3 really cute falsies (1 with rhinestones on it, 1 purple mixed lashes, and 1 long dramatic lashes). Whichever one you fancy that night!Hope you guys like my picks. I wanted to do something fun so I thought up of this theme.Here are the rules:1. Must be a follower2.Please leave a comment telling me how and why you got into blogging along with your email address.3.You can double your chances to win if you post about my giveaway on your blog (you will be entered 2 times)! If you do please leave me a link to your posting :)Winners will be picked through on August 18th (my bday!!) So you have about 2 weeks to enter, good luck!!This giveaway is open to everyone WORLDWIDE!!

Purele jewelry Giveaway!!!

Hey everyone! To celebrate Purele Jewelry's Grand Opening, I will be hosting a giveaway on this blog and on Facebook.
Open worldwide
ONE entry per contestant! Multiple entries will be deleted
You can enter on this blog OR on facebook. Enter on BOTH to double your chances of winning
The winner will be randomly picked by using a random generator
Contest Ends on on August 15th, 2009 at 12:00 AM
Winner will be announced on August 16th, 2009 and will be contacted via email.There will be 3 Prizes:1) Swarovski Heart Pendant Necklace (Colour of your choice) Colours are: Pink, Light blue, Light Purple, Purple, Clear and Green-Black- Comes with a gift box- Valued at $16.50 CAN2) A Pair of man-made diamond Earrings (Colour of your choice) Colours are: Silver or Gold- Comes with box shown- Valued at $9.00 CAN3) Black and White Hair Clip- Comes with gift box- Valued at $7.00 CAN
~Anyways same old day today, can't wait to get my own appartment with the boyfriend...hehe
still looking for a good bed...what else do u need to get for an appartment???hmmm...looking around for a good living room table...ugh but still in a tight budget right now since I'm on hold for work cuz people can't do anything right or too slow to get papers done...but w/e I'm not complaining about not working...but i do really need the molla right now...sigh
Anyways my dog just starts learning new tricks everyday lol here he is....
My lil doggy standing up:

Saturday, August 8, 2009

3rd Post/ NuNu Doll's MAC Graphic Garden Giveaway

Oh gosh I'm such an amateur at this...I've jst looked at all a lot of girls blog sites and they are super creative....Let's see if I every become close to every making my site like that...

Anywho, I'm getting pretty excited for next week, cuz I finally get to go out of town.Woot Woot! Omgosh, living in such a small town makes you unexposed to the world out there. For example I didn't know there was so many choices for makeup or what color it is, or if its limited edition....omg makes me wanna learn more and more by looking at all these girls sites...haha I'm just one of those regualr simple girls that just buy makeup at the near by walmart. Don't get me wrong, I love love love to go and look pretty and dress up but I didn't know there was such a demand on certain products out there...Isn't all makeup the same??? haha aparrently not!

And another thing is jewelry, I don't really have alot of jewelry except things that people get me for presents, other than that I don't really go out and buy them. Ahhhh this blog world is changing me! Is that a good thing? hmmm I hope so...As you saw in previous post I just bought some DSK jewelry and and it's what got me to start blogging again actually...hehe...thanks alot Steph, its ur fault...haha jk...

It's actually calming and soothing for me to blog again. I feel like I can share my feelings to the whole world an not keep it all inside. ^_^

Update on my life:
  1. still waiting for papers to get done so I can go back to work
  2. getting an appartment soon with the bf...hmm(Good??Bad?)
  3. saving up to get a new vehicle for the winter, still stuck with a crappy grand am(sigh)

Ok guys I'll keep you updated as much as I can with everything thats goin on with me. I hope its not too boring for ya... : /

My two boys(the bf and my puppy) are sleeping on the bed and I'm bored now...hmmm maybe I'll pop a movie and go entertain myself. :)

Oh and I just entered my first ever blog giveaway...hahahaha I feel like such a kid. And it's from Nu Nu Doll

She's Having a MAC Graphic Garden Giveaway

Fresh Cut Palette

Graphic Garden Palette


Rules:1-You must have a blog on blogger. (You have no idea how many people emailed me with no blogs on my last giveaway)2-You must be a follower of my blog as well as my boyfriend Andy's blog. Trust me, I will check, and yes you will be disqualified if you aren't subscribed to both of our blogs.3-Leave a comment on this entry saying "banana peppers." Yes, I am serious.4-Want to double your chances of winning? Post an entry on your own blog advertising this giveaway. DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE ME A LINK OF THE ENTRY!

This giveaway will close on Friday, August, 21st. The winner will be announced the next day.

Ok now Goooooooooooooo join her giveaway! Until next time! XOXO


Friday, August 7, 2009

Where's my GI Joe?

Went and watched the movie GI Joe today with the bf, and it was pretty good, kept me entertained for the whole 2 hours... :)

Also got my 2nd package of DSK jewelry from Steph today....
>>>man she is really quick on delivering your package...I actually custom made one and I didn't expect her to be done so fast but wow she's good at what she does.

Here are some pics:

the two necklaces I ordered, and the goodies that she added...

My custom made butterfly/star (DSK's princess necklace).....each star symbolizing each of my 4 siblings..WAhoo and Im the butterfly watching over them flying from one star to the next...hehe

also got the signature Heart Lariat in purple haze...

here's the link:


Still in the process of making my video on DSK for that...

Also contemplating if I should enter Steph's modeling contest??? hmmm...I saw her other models and they are way gorgeous and sooo pretty...hmmm idk...we'll see...

Ok until next time! xoxox


Thursday, August 6, 2009

DSK Jewelry

Ok so I use to have xanga and use to blog like everday but then I just got bored with it and quit doing it. But now since I'm back watch out for a new Addy. hehe
So I've recently just ordered some DSK jewelry from a girl name Steph, and her collection of jewelry is a must have! They are just so so PRETTY! :)

here are some pics I took of my very first DSK jewelry:

A close up in the box

Everything that came in the package

She did a really good job deliverying the package, it was really quick , very good at communicating and helping you get what you want.

I really recommend looking at her site and see if something catches your eye...

heres a link to Steph's Site: